Cloud technology is defined as the hosting of hardware and / or software installed in the infrastructure of a third party, who provides its services through the internet. The market has expanded and this new model is being implemented by companies of all kinds, multinational, medium and small locally.

5 advantages of implementing cloud in your company

Cost savings: Allows you to replace expensive investments in infrastructure, software licenses, technical personnel etc. for comfortable monthly payments.

Flexibility: A solution of this type allows payment for use, according to the specific needs of the company at all times.

Scalability: It can evolve from simpler solutions to more complex applications as the processing, storage and backup needs of the company increase.

Accessibility and mobility: Allows access to services and information stored from anywhere through the Internet, using any device.

Security: The Cloud service provider is responsible for data protection.

Challenges to overcome during the adoption of cloud computing

For companies in general and regardless of their size, migrating to the cloud is an act that needs to overcome certain challenges related to that industry. It is necessary for management to anticipate and anticipate them in order to address them quickly.

Some of these challenges and their solutions are

Organizational change: the strong resistance to change by workers can be resolved when the solution offers them operational advantages

Business redesign: even if only the cloud is used for certain processes, it will be necessary to re-adapt existing processes to new technical capabilities.

System integration barriers: it is necessary to integrate the various systems with which the business is managed, both internally and externally

Difficulty adapting technology to business needs: technological choice is one of the key steps and can become complicated when you consider that the market is flooded with new solutions, so it is necessary for management to understand very well the needs of your business and turn to companies with experience and expertise


Concern about the technical challenges of migration, in addition to putting private and strategic information in the cloud, has prevented companies from reaping its benefits. We believe that companies can feel more comfortable with the idea of ​​adopting the cloud if they start small and imagine their product in the cloud as an extension of their local environment.

Inthegra has provided support, in the cloud migration to small and large companies accompanying them in this great step in the efficient management of their information.