Innovating is the ability of companies to generate new ideas, in addition it has to, with seeing the adoption of changes, flexibility, and the generation of new businesses in a creative and sustainable way.

For there to be an innovative culture, the firm must have assumed innovation as one of the pillars of its daily actions. That is, constantly working on the generation of ideas, in the analysis of their possibilities and in their development plans.

Internal conditions necessary to promote innovation and creativity

Visionary Leaders Management must lead the process of generating new ideas and transmit it to the other areas of the company.

Commitment of the Human Resources area. Those responsible for this department should not only be aware of the initiatives that arise, but also should generate benefits and incentives for this activity

Quality communication It is necessary that the relations between areas and departments be permanent and, above all, that among the members of the organization the principles of collaboration and creativity prevail

How to create a culture of innovation in the company?

Take risks: It is not possible to create something new without an element of the unknown and uncertainty, so it is essential that the team knows that the organization accepts this intrinsic risk

Recognize achievements: The effort to innovate and reward new ideas must be recognized, generating positive feedback when people act as expected.

Build trust in the team Innovation begins with an idea and then needs other people to refine and develop that idea. That is why the culture of the team is fundamental, since you must feel comfortable sharing ideas.

Have clear objectives: People and teams will be more likely to think differently if they know what they work for.

Providing resources It may seem obvious, but people need resources to innovate. Giving employees time (and / or money) for innovation creates a climate of innovation support.

Having formal processes the innovation process can be long and complex and involve many people. The important thing is to make sure that there are no obstacles to generating ideas.


Culture is the natural opening to the mixture, to structural hybridization. The ability to absorb the best of the ecosystem through a fruitful relationship with its main agents and the ability to transit through several ecosystems at the same time, is its fundamental feature. That is why the important thing is not where ideas and opportunities come from, but the ability to execute them creatively