Taking business software to the next level

We know what we do. But still, we work tirelessly to make it better.
We know about technology. We know how to use it. But most importantly, We know how to lead the evolution of our clients’ businesses with it.
Empresa Mariano Vocos Inthegra Software

Our solutions

We already have 24/7 running software for administrative and commercial companies, retail, healthcare,finnancial, credit cards and agribusiness industries, among others.


Our experience

More than 15 years of experience providing customized software-based solutions, improving the results of our clients.


Our vision

To be the leading company in the development and implementation of customized business management software.

We provide IT solutions to diverse industries, fulfilling multiple challenges and objectives.

Today we’re proud of the following results.


Years of experience


Projects of software development


Customizations deployed successfully


Failed software deployments
Mariano Vocos Inthegra Software

Mariano Vocos

Founder & CEO

Martín Medina Inthegra Software

Martín Medina

Founder & CIO

Our Founders