Inthegra Credit Suite allows optimization and automation of each of your company’s processes , from prospecting, operations entry to monthly closing, collections and own or outsourced default management.

The system also covers the general activities of your company such as accounting, finance, billing, taxes, suppliers.


Card consumption policies, credit issuance and indicators.


Traditional origination for clients, comprehensive consultation and parameterization.


Scoting / Origin Policies and Indicators


General administration for credit issuers and unbanked cards.

Quick registration of shops, comprehensive consultation and parameterization.


Delinquency criteria, refinancing, pass to liabilities and reports.


Collection policies, bulk loading and indicators.

Optimization of processes

Simple, easy and fast management of all processes, from access to user credit information, registration and closing of operations, customer monitoring, collection and efficient management of arrears.

Greater profitability

Efficiently manage collection and follow-up of delinquent customers to secure payment effectively and reduce the percentage of your delinquent portfolio. With early detection of transactional fraud , you will be able to avoid money losses and achieve greater profitability for your company.

Customer loyalty

You will be able to offer your clients promotions, discounts and benefits based on their preferences with the segmented campaigns tool. Your clients can add points with their operations and later access benefits.

Income Generation

With the use of Business Intelligence , you will be able to predict behaviors of your users to generate campaigns to promote new products or renew products to customers, increasing your income and keeping the customer .

Scoring Motor

Powerful application that allows to approve, deny and classify each profile individually and in just seconds to be able to offer a personalized offer according to each acceptance criterion (CDA), using multiple external bureaus (Veraz, Nosis, Siisa, Seven, etc.), information from public entities (AFIP, BCRA, UIF) and internal history of the customer’s behavior as the owner of a company account.

Customer Management

Multiplatform application (Desktop, Tablet, Mobile) for centralized management of customers and Merchants , which allows at a glance to see the situation in which the customer is at the time of their attention to provide a advice according to your need.
The system allows to offer promotions, discounts and personalized benefits based on dynamic segmentations and exchanges for sum of points in your operations .
You will be able to offer a more efficient service for the client with the web self-management portal and the mobile app , for basic procedures and credit granting.


Applications that allow monitoring and defining multiple acceptance criteria (CDA) for the daily operations of the company, promoting omni-channel issuance through multiple integrations (Red Pos, Red Link, E-commerce, Face-to-face Channel, inter-bank and extra-bank collections.) and APIs for granting : Loans and card purchases by alternative means using Web Services with high security, integration with web pages, IVR , SMS, Whatsapp and more.

Debt Collection and Management

Applications that make it possible to monitor collection and define the criteria for classifying the client’s debt, allowing it to be distributed to managers to carry out their collection in an agile manner and decrease their percentage of delinquent portfolio . It allows assigning portfolios to internal or external personnel of the organization and to carry out individual managements in early or advanced stages of debt.
The system allows omnichannel through different integrations with intermediaries that facilitate payment. Collection can be through immediate transfers, automatic debit or batch collection.

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