Business Suite ERP

We give life to unique developments for each sector based on the success story of our clients and based on our experience. We create modern solutions so that your products and services are optimized for the future.

Our team of professionals creates valuable ERP systems, with a robust architecture of solutions, with complete designs, creating detailed requirements and accompanying each implementation, providing maintenance and support efficiently.



Unique and dynamic solutions designed to optimize critical business processes and functions, including inventory management, accounting and more.


Innovative solutions that allow you to manage and track detailed customer information and prospects, helps increase sales as a result of improved service and customer relationship. All the data that is generated in the interactions between customer and company is recorded in the module


Both the purchasing and sales processes must conclude effectively; In this module you can control all the exits, entrances and transfers of the merchandise of your warehouses and keep a detailed follow-up of series, lots, expiration dates and orders. You can also know a large number of reports that help you monitor and control your stocks and costs in real time.


Comprehensive, centralized and automated management allows you to keep reports and analysis of all types of sales (wholesale, retail and exports), through all channels; order acceptance, invoice generation, pending order tracking. Collaborate with the CRM in attracting potential customers and creating future opportunities.


It allows speeding up the supply, providing the necessary information and online for rapid decision making: price comparison and ranking of suppliers, linking of suppliers and items, sent receipt and registration of quotes; the preparation of purchase orders; cash flow, automatic calculation of necessary quantities based on minimum and maximum stocks, available stock, sales projections, production plan and internal requirements of the different sectors

Finance and Accounting Module

The entry and exit of money / capital is managed by the finance module. This module keeps track of all transactions related to the account, such as expenses, balance sheet, account books, budgeting, bank statements, payment receipts, tax management, among others. Preparation of reports and reports required by the different tax rules, providing accurate financial data required for business compliance, available with a single click at any time and place for effective decision making.

An ERP system that works is dynamic, and we understand that our customers’ business processes can change. That is why Inthegra + Business Suite ERP guarantees along with comprehensive support for the end user and continuous system updates.

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