Inthegra Health Suite

Inthegra Health Suite allows the comprehensive management of social work and prepaid medicine entities, accompanying your company in the process of digital transformation.

The system allows administration of multiple providers, agreements and plans, covering all processes belonging to companies in this area: online authorization, billing and settlement audits, automation of authorizations based on business rules, achieving improving the efficiency of internal processes of the company to provide the best service to its affiliates.

Simplify operations and processes

With automated online and offline authorization management, you can reduce the time in your company’s processes, improving efficiency in operations and in the service provided to your clients.

Affiliate experience customization

With the affiliate web portal you can guarantee your customers a more efficient service and provide the convenience of managing their online procedures.

With the personalized promotional campaigns tool with dynamic and specific segmentation, you can create email marketing or notification campaigns to offer a service according to the needs of the client.

Effective decision making

With the statistics and reporting tools you can analyze, control and measure the processes of your company and the behaviors of affiliates, for more effective decision making in your company.


Affiliate Management

Multiple conventions
Multiple nomenclators
Send and receive file and patterns
Importing contribution and contribution files – AFIP
Customer Self-Management Web Portal

Management of providers and professionals

On-line and off-line authorizer with automation for deficiencies and / or consumption
Management of refunds for consumption
Fee setting by provider and institution
Web portal for supplier and provider management


Massive and particular invoicing of providers
Mass and particular liquidation of providers
Administration and management of compensation groups


Integration with Pharmacy Chamber
Flexibility of integration with other institutions


Reports and statistics for decision making for more efficient and effective decision making

Dynamic notification campaign

Automatic delivery of personalized promotions to the affiliate according to specific and dynamic segmentation

100% Adaptable System

The system is customized based on the specific needs of your company.

Support and Maintenance

Our team is available to quickly and efficiently resolve any eventuality in the system, helping our clients to grow their businesses.


Allows companies to outsource logistics and focus their resources on growth, without the need for maintenance and investment in infrastructure.
Accessing information in real time from anywhere.

Intuitive System

The system is agile, dynamic and efficient with a user friendly interface.

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