PGI – Internal Process Management

PGI is the solution for the efficient management of your company’s internal activities and the management and monitoring of customer requirements, allowing you to apply an agile and organized work methodology.

Management and comprehensive control of activities and projects
Formal and effective customer interaction
Measurement and continuous improvement of processes
Agile working methodology

Effective and formal management of customer requirements

  • New development projects are registered in the system: procedure, scope, budget and working hours
  • Real-time monitoring of customer requests for new requirements or support needs
  • The client visualizes in the system the traceability of the work plan (budget, scope, times) allowing effective and formal communication with it throughout the process

Agile and efficient management of activities and projects

  • Planning and organization of activities and projects: personnel allocation, scope and development time
  • Control and monitoring in real time of activities of each area, member or work team: assigned projects, hours load, incidents.
  • Reports and statistics for decision making

Internal knowledge database for continuous improvement

  • Registration of new knowledge, solutions, methodologies, practices that make work more efficient and unify knowledge in all areas of the organization

100% Adaptable system

The system is customized based on the specific needs and processes of your company.


It allows access to information in real time from anywhere and without the need for maintenance and investment in infrastructure.

Intuitive System

The system is agile, dynamic and efficient with a user friendly interface.

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