We know exactly what we do

Over more than 15 years, we have developed a highly ecient methodology to help companies make the most of their technological investments.
From outlying applications to core systems, we contribute by modernizing your business software in a way you didn’t even think possible, using the most groundbreaking tool available: Oracle APEX.

Robust, scalable and secure

Integrated in the Oracle database, APEX is designed to be redundant, fault tolerant and as scalable as the database itself.

Simple to use

It is not necessary to install any complex program on your computer before starting. All you need is a web browser.

Aligned with industry trends

APEX fosters agile development practices and has strong support for technologies that work 100% in the cloud.

Free to use

If you already have an Oracle database, you already have APEX. Its implementation will not generate any extra cost.

Drastically improves delivery times

Provides a wide range of components already incorporated, ready to create all kinds of applications.

It’s the technology of the future

Oracle, the world’s largest software company, is constantly updating APEX with new features on an increasingly frequent basis.

Why Oracle APEX?

Because it allows us to do more, in less time.
Oracle Application Express (APEX) enables our developers to create robust, complex and highly scalable software faster than with any other tool. The outcome? a unique Return Of Investment (ROI) for your business.

Desarrollo Full Stack Inthegra Software

It allows us to concentrate on what really matters

There are a lot of aspects to consider when developing web applications: security, user management, access control, pagination, navigation, etc. Oracle APEX abstracts the programmer from tedious deployment congurations, because it already provides an infrastructure that solves the implementation details behind the scenes. This allows us to spend more time creating the solution that will best solve the core of your problem.

Desarrollo Full Stack Inthegra Software

You have the control

It is normal for companies to have their systems developed in diversified technologies. This chaos prevents them from integrating with each other efficiently.

This will no longer be a problem. Through Oracle APEX, we will unify all your software under the same platform, achieving the definitive solution for the development of Oracle-based applications. Not only will you get a set of systems that will be instantly integrated, but we will also provide you with a unique management platform. This will allow you to audit, monitor and share all information from one place.

Desarrollo Full Stack Inthegra Software

We modernize your business software by migrating from Oracle Forms to Oracle APEX

Oracle Forms

Year after year, Oracle Forms is becoming increasingly obsolete. Do not let this become a threat to your organization’s income.

Providing support for this technology is increasingly expensive.

Oracle APEX

Today, our developers can produce better applications in less time. Inthegra + Oracle APEX is capable of making responsive, modern and available apps in the cloud at a speed never seen before.