We know exactly what we do

We are experts in developing web applications tailored to the needs of our clients with the most agile and scalable development tool on the market , Oracle APEX ( Oracle Application Express).
This technology allows us to develop high-performance web applications fast and efficient .
Thanks to Oracle APEX, we can offer an application tailored to your company with a design of high quality, < span style = "font-weight: 400;"> in less time and less cost, enabling an unparalleled return on investment for your business.
Reliable, scalable and secure applications

Oracle APEX allows us to make high performance applications than > easily adapt to the specific requirements of your business processes.

Delivery speed

This tool allows us to develop applications quickly and agile, so your system will be ready in no time.

Profitable solution

Hand in hand with Inthegra + APEX we help your company make optimal use of its investments developing the best solution for your needs.

Modern technology

Oracle, the leading technology company, continually invests in developing APEX to remain the most efficient and effective tool of the moment.

Why Oracle APEX?

Agile development

It allows us to develop any application tailored to our clients’ businesses in a faster, more agile and efficient way than with any other tool, managing to reduce the development times and costs of our solutions, achieving an absolute return on investment for our clients.


We know that our clients’ businesses change every day . The scalability of this tool allows us to adapt your systems at the same rate as the evolution of your company, enhancing your business.

Easy to use

Web applications developed in APEX are f easy and intuitive for end users, and they only require having a web browser for their use, so our clients will not need great knowledge or extra investment.


It allows us to create a comprehensive solution to every need of our clients , without any limitation, and with a responsive architecture available in any format: desktop computers, tablets, mobile devices.

Expert Programmers

We are pioneers in APEX in Argentina with more than 15 years of experience.

Leading Technology

APEX is the most modern and advanced Oracle technology today.

Quality Solution

Applications successfully developed for the specific needs of our clients, responding to the highest quality standards.