Our solutions

Integral management of E-commerce

We accompany you in your transformation towards multi-channel, with a comprehensive solution that will allow you to coordinate and manage efficiently the entire process of digital and physical sales, achieving the greatest satisfaction of your customers.

Scoring Engine

The solution for financial institutions and retailers, which allows you to grant credits and loans in a secure and automated way, reducing risks in operations and increasing profitability in your current customer portfolio.

Virtual wallet for financial companies

Increase the credits granted to your clients by offering a unique and simple solution to access your financial products and carry out their transactions through a Virtual Wallet, 100% adapted to your company.

Procedures Digitalization

This solution allows the efficient management of the procedures that involve different areas, branches or intermediaries of a company, carrying the traceability in each stage of the process, allowing the follow-up of the documentation and generating reports and statistics to optimize the management.

More solutions

Management system for sports federations

This solution will allow you to manage the registration process of players and coaching staff to each league or competition of your federation 100% online.

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PGI – Internal Process Management

PGI is the solution for the efficient management of your company’s internal activities and the management and monitoring of customer requirements, allowing the application of an agile and organized work methodology.

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Sales Force Automation (SFA)

This solution allows the integral management of all commercial processes that are carried out outside the office, including the efficient management of the client portfolio, identification of sales opportunities, planning and management of the commercial agenda, and monitoring of commercial objectives.

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Supplier Portal

This solution allows you to manage from a web platform the entire management process with your suppliers, including the loading of purchase orders, the pre-loading of invoices and payments, current account management and claims management with each supplier.

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