Web Portal for Paperwork Management

This solution allows the efficient management of the procedures that involve different areas, branches or intermediaries of a company, taking traceability at each stage of the process, allowing documentation tracking and generating reports and statistics to optimize management.

Process optimization
More efficient management
Greater control and security
Communication and interconnection of areas

Optimization of your processes

  • This solution allows the traceability of the entire process to be carried of management of each procedure, being able to visualize the status, the transition, compliance with deadlines, those responsible and the sectors involved in each procedure for greater control.
  • The system generates i statistical information and reports to evaluate the management delay points that will allow us to find the key aspects of improvement for the process optimization.

Efficiency in the management of your company

  • With this solution you can make internal management much more agile reducing and easing the administrative burden, allowing staff to focus on tasks and strategies with higher added value.
  • You can reduce delivery times in the documentation and paperwork management, providing a more efficient service for your clients.

Digitization of all procedures and documents

  • The digitization of all documents and procedures allows integrating all information and updating data on the same platform allowing access to information to all personnel involved, at any time and from anywhere.
  • This solution allows greater transparency and control in the management and greater security of the managed information.

100% customized system

The system is customized based on the specific needs and processes of your company.


It allows access to information in real time from anywhere and without the need for maintenance and investment in infrastructure.


It complies with the highest security standards, protecting your data.

The world evolves with technology,

your company too.

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