Commercial Sales Force Automation System

Mobile App for comprehensive management of your field staff : vendors, sales teams, promoters, technical service, etc.

This solution allows comprehensive management of all business processes carried out outside the office, including efficient management of the customer portfolio, identification of sales opportunities, planning and management of business agenda, and monitoring of commercial objectives .

This allows sellers and sales teams to easily organize and identify specific customer needs and opportunities to increase their sales s.
At the same time, it allows management to have complete control of each process to facilitate decision-making .


This solution allows your salespeople to manage and identify sales opportunities with each lead efficiently, increasing your company’s income.


Your sellers will be able to offer promotions, discounts and personalized benefits based on the preference of each lead with the automatic segmentation tool based on campaigns.


Your sales force will be able to quickly and efficiently manage and administer all its activities, allowing you to reduce operating times and optimizing each stage of the business process.


Your sellers will have access to all the promotional and commercial information of each client available on a single platform and from any device.

Efficient lead management

All the information of the prospects, assigned to each commercial manager, within reach of their mobile device.

  • Assign leads to each vendor / seller and manage their commercial actions.
  • Get traceability of the status of each lead and its stage in the sales funnel.
  • Automatic lead segmentation for personalized campaigns.

Tour optimization

The system automatically assigns the shortest route for each lead’s visit.

  • Save transfer costs for each of your commercial agents.
  • Real-time location to track visits from your sellers.
  • Automatic organization of the daily visit schedule for each lead.

Perfect your business process

Obtain reports and statistics from real-time information for optimal decision making.

  • Pie charts with the status of each lead addressed.
  • The time it takes for each prospect to advance to the next stage of the funnel.
  • Follow-up of the commercial objectives of each vendor / seller.

The best option to manage sales forces

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It is customized based on the business process of your company.


Integrates with systems you already have running.


Designed for any company that has field staff.


Complies with the highest security standards, protecting your data.

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