Electronic Window

This solution will allow you to manage the registration process of the players and coaching staff for each league or competition of your federation in a 100% online way.

It allows the monitoring of the documentation of each player / coaching staff at each stage of the process, generating reports and statistics with real-time data and avoiding face-to-face procedures to the clubs.


Reduces management times through the generation of automatic procedures.


Improve decision making thanks to real-time reports and statistics, making your federation processes more efficient.


All documentation and information of leagues and players integrated into a single digital platform.

Registration Management

The system allows clubs to register their players and coaching staff to each league or competition

  • Access of each club to the platform for registration via web
  • Stages and documentation required for each configurable competition.
  • Each user has access only to the information that corresponds to him.

Payment Management

The system allows the management of the current account of each club within the application.

  • It allows clubs to upload proof of payment.
  • It allows the federation to visualize, accept and reject payment coupons.
  • The system contemplates the different registration modalities with their respective cost.

Documentation Management

It allows to keep the traceability of each of the procedures in force within the federation

  • Each document is sent digitally to its area
  • Each area can view, accept and reject documents
  • The system automatically sends emails to clubs with the status of their procedures.

The best option to manage sports federations

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It is customized based on the different processes of your federation.


It integrates with the systems you already have in operation.


Designed for federations of any size and sport.

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