Efficiently manage the exchange of information and communication with your suppliers

This solution allows to administer from a platform web all the management process with your suppliers , including the loading of purchase orders, the pre-loading of invoices and payments, handling of checking account and claims management with each provider.
It is the ideal solution to make management more efficient , have greater control and improve communication with each of your suppliers.

This portal allows the entire supplier management process to be digitized, making it much more agile and efficient, and allowing you to focus your staff on more strategic and higher-value tasks.
Facilitates communication and interaction with your suppliers, centralizing information and managing their queries, achieving much more fluid and effective feedback for both parties.
Venta B2B
This solution allows to have a formal management of the whole process, allowing to centralize all the documentation and transaction of each procedure from a single bidirectional platform.
This solution allows to carry out the control of each procedure and documentation with suppliers, being able to visualize all the historical information and generate interactive reports on relevant information for management.


Purchase Order Upload

You can upload your purchase orders to the system where your suppliers can view it and have a history of each purchase order.

Preloading invoices and payment orders

Your providers can upload invoices to the portal and you can upload payment orders to the system through of integration with your ERP.

Consolidation of current account

You can carry out the management of a unified current account with your provider where both can view it through the portal.

Complaints and queries management

Your suppliers may issue queries or complaints through the portal and a person in charge may be assigned to carry out the monitoring.

Automatic notifications

Through the portal, you can send notifications and mass or individual e-mails to your suppliers automatically and personalized.

100% adaptable system

The system is customized based on the specific needs and processes of your company.

Integration with other systems

It can be integrated with your existing management systems such as ERP.


It allows access to information in real time from anywhere and without the need for maintenance and investment in infrastructure.

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