Increase the profitability of your company

Increase the credits granted to your clients by offering a unique and simple solution to access your financial products and carry out their transactions through a Virtual Wallet, 100% adapted to your company, your company.

It is a solution for financial companies where their clients will be able to make purchases in businesses that are members of your entity. It will allow them to pay using your cards , request credits and access the exclusive discounts you offer from a Mobile App.
It is designed so that you can retain and expand your client portfolio , turning them into cardholders quickly thanks to the fact that they register completely online.

Increase and retain your customers

Give the best experience to your users on a single platform
  • Your cardholders will be able to make online or physical purchases in the stores attached to your entity just by scanning a QR code from the App or entering a link < b>, making the purchase simpler and safer.
  • Your clients will be able to access all your financial products, promotions and exclusive discounts from the App, increasing the loyalty of your users and the income of your company. </ span >
  • In addition, you will be able to offer an extra benefit for your clients by allowing the App to send and request money from other people, recharge their cell phones or bus cards and pay for your services.

Increase your portfolio of affiliated businesses

Offer a unique benefit to your affiliated businesses with an innovative solution
  • Businesses can be registered online to adhere to your entity simply and quickly
  • Increase the sales of your affiliated businesses, allowing customers to buy their products through a QR code or link, in physical stores or online.
  • From the App, businesses can view each customer’s consumption, sales history and transaction reports to make more efficient your service.

Renew your brand image

Offering a state-of-the-art technological platform
  • Your finance company will be able to provide great added value in your services with this own and exclusive virtual wallet that Simplifies and improves the experience of your users and business partners.
  • This innovative solution will allow you to achieve great competitive advantage in the financial sector.
  • Position yourself on the crest of the wave with this latest generation solution, and join the fintech technological innovation.
Exclusive for your company

We customize the virtual wallet to the specific needs of your company, so that it fully adapts to your business process.

Without intermediaries

With this solution, your customers and partners should not use third-party platforms to make online purchases with your card. Now you will not only provide the means of payment, but also the platform to carry it out.

Comprehensive solution

Now you will be able to provide the complete service from a single platform: from the purchase in stores attached to the request of any of your financial products, benefits and promotions.


Your products and services will now be available to all your customers, anytime, anywhere and at your fingertips.

The world evolves with technology,

your company too .

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