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Our mission is to create a workplace with passionate and inspired people to be, to do and to grow.

Our Footprint

We are a team committed to what we do, with expertise, who strive every day to do our job better.
We are authentic and passionate.
We are dynamic, agile and active.
We are talented professionals, and also great people.
We are the protagonists of this story.

We are Inthegra!



We believe in and foster a work environment of trust, horizontality, communication, companionship and support. A place where each person feels part of something bigger, supported and recognized.


The fundamental pillar in interacting and dealing with all people inside and outside Inthegra is respect. We all deserve to give and receive respect for who we are and what we do.


We have a vision of growth, which is why we promote the professional development of each of our people. We believe that if we grow, our people also grow, so we support learning and continuous improvement to achieve personal and organizational goals.


We believe that together we are more and better. We encourage teamwork where we evolve. We learn from the exchange, and the contribution of each one, supporting each other in the co-creation of value.


We believe that our people are complete people, that their work contributes to their life experience, their motivations and their personal achievements. That is why we seek to generate an environment of well-being and satisfaction, which is tailored to the needs and interests of our people.


We believe in the importance of waking up every day in the spirit of doing what you love. We are motivated by the fact that our people choose us as a place for their professional development, to continue growing. We choose people who identify with our culture and who consider that we are the place to do what they are passionate about and what motivates them.

Our voices

I chose Inthegra because of the familiarity and horizontality, the growth I can have here. No matter how much experience you have, everyone's contribution is always respected.

Angélica AmayaTeam Leader Service & Solutions

I choose Inthegra because of the companionship, because they make you feel part of it. You feel that there are people on the other side.

Ezequiel IglesiasAnalyst Developer

I chose Inthegra because of the good work environment, innovation, openness, transparency, communication, we are all equal.

Matías De la FuenteAnalyst Developer

We work with a very competitive tool that gives employees a great possibility of growth, which gives us many opportunities in terms of work.

Mario HerediaTeam Leader

Teamwork is even seen from the customer's perspective. It goes beyond the screen, I felt it before as a client and today as part of the team. The ambition to grow, you can see that desire to want to do more and better even from the outside.

Andrea TrigoImplementer