Together we make your company take the next step towards digital transformation

We know about technology. We know how to use it. But most importantly, We know how to lead the evolution of our clients' businesses with it.

Corporations change everyday.

If your business software stays behind, Inthegra is the solution.

Fast implementation

We use Oracle APEX, the fastest development tool nowadays. This allows us to solve more requirements in less time.

Own Cloud Service

Your applications available 24 hours a day without extra costs hosted on our internal servers.

Fully Scalable

Our solutions are prepared to increase at the speed your business grows. Designed for those who trust the potential of their company.

Secure Applications

We work with high availability schemes guaranteeing the operational continuity of the users.
We transform our clients’ business processes. Through discipline and hard work, we are capable of recognizing their specific needs and quickly develop the solution that suits them the best.
The context changes. Companies have technological needs. We are the fastests at solving them.
The key to
our success

The key to
our success

Our customers’ businesses are the priority. Due to our exibility and adaptability, we are certain that the only truth is the permanent change. That’s why we must be as close as possible to the companies we serve, with cutting edge technology solutions, always.

We have ISO 9001 and 90003 certications that accredit quality in all our work processes, seeking to continuously improve our performance. Achieving a customer satisfaction rate of 95% in the last year (according to ISO measurement), we full the agreements with our customers, reaching 0% of failed software deployments.