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Our mission is to help companies empower through software.

More than 15 years delivering solutions with the tools that are the future for business app development.

Inthegra Cloud Applications

We understand your industry is unlike any other. Our expertise in diverses industries allowed us to understand the main needs of each sector and find the best way to solve them, through our ERP Cloud suite industry-specific applications.

Oracle Services and Solutions

In most organizations, you can find core platforms that may not completly fulfill the business needs. Our company’s goal and mission is to help organizations to fill the gap between what they have and what they want, building high quality solutions faster, through the agilty and power of Oracle low-code technology.

Why Oracle?

We chose Oracle as a platform that meets today’s technical challenges while supporting our customers’ upcoming business needs.
Oracle products span nearly every sphere of enterprise software, representing one of the largest enterprise ecosystems in the world.
Our team brings strong technology expertise, extensive experience and a methodology aimed at agility and innovation.

Why Low-code?

Low-code platforms support our mission to drive our customers’ experience through the agility, speed, quality and scale they need to adapt to their changing business needs.
Low-code tools empower our development team to create high quality applications up to 5 times faster, while we focus on finding the best solution to our customers’ business problem.

Inthegra Teams

The quality and agility of our applications, services and solutions cannot be achieved without a clear understanding of our customers’ businesses and their needs.

Our teams are organized to combine deep experience, knowledge and focus on both industry and technical mastery of specific Oracle technology and trends.

Team ERP Retail & Pyme


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Team ERP Credit Suite


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Team ERP Health Suite


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