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In this article we are going to present today’s leading Oracle development tool, which all Oracle database owners should consider for the development of their specific software needs.

What is Oracle APEX

Oracle Application Express (APEX), a development tool included in the Oracle database, is the modern platform for web application development.

APEX is presented as a rapid application development (RAD) tool, which is available free to Oracle database companies and allows them to create customized solutions in less time and at a lower cost than with any other tool, making it the most cost-effective option.

Oracle APEX Evolution

Since its first inclusion in the Oracle 10g database, APEX has been continuously updated over the years. Today it is in version 20, where it introduces new components that make life easier for the developer.

Today, APEX is a mature development platform, capable of creating highly complex and scalable enterprise applications, supporting thousands of concurrent users.

Should you use Oracle APEX in your company?

Oracle APEX is currently being used by the world’s largest companies, universities, government departments, and non-profit organizations, but because it is free and extremely versatile, it is also an excellent choice for solving specific software needs in small and medium-sized businesses.

Key features of Oracle APEX

Uses current standard programming languages


For the back-end, Oracle APEX uses SQL and PL / SQL, languages that allow you to take full advantage of Oracle database features.

For the front-end, it uses HTML, CSS and JavaScript, which are the industry standard languages for creating web applications. Your developers will feel very comfortable using it.

APEX allows the development of RESTful APIs


APEX tiene soporte incorporado para APIs RESTful, permitiendo la integración entre aplicaciones utilizando los estándares actualesÉstos requieren APEX Listener, una alternativa basada en J2EE para el servidor HTTP de Oracle.

APEX enables responsive design


Oracle APEX provee una serie de plantillas responsive por defecto, para crear aplicaciones que se ven espectacular, tanto en computadoras de escritorio, como en tablets y smartphones. Éstas admiten gráficos y elementos HTML5 como controles deslizantes y conmutadores.

APEX is included in the Oracle database


Oracle APEX, being a component of the Oracle database, allows the applications created to use or benefit from any feature of the database: advanced security, RAC, spatial, analytics, multimedia, XML DB, job scheduler, utility packages, etc.

This tool was created by Oracle to solve the cross-cutting problem in all organizations, which is the long time and costs involved in the creation or modernization of business applications.  

Interested in learning more about this tool?

At Inthegra we are pioneers in the use of APEX in the region and we use this tool for the development of all our solutions. Our team is ready to help you.